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WHITEBAIT- tossed in seasoned flour, fried served with fresh lemon                                                  10 
BACCALÁ MANTECATO- salt cod and potato crochette with mayonnaise and salmon          5 each
GAMBERI FRITT- crisp fried small local prawns with garlic and chilli                                                15
FRITELLE DI ZUCCHINE- zucchini fritters with mint and mayonnaise                                           12
TONNO MARINATO- tuna marinated in fresh lime, chilli, parsley, extra virgin oil, & black pepper on a bed of mustard, & seaweed                                                                                                                            15


OSTRICHE NATURALE- freshly shucked oysters, dipping sauce with chilli and finger lime        24
BRUSCHETTA- prawns & avocado, mayonnaise, salmon caviar 7 dill                                                18.5
CARPACCIO DI SALMONE-thinly sliced raw salmon, olive oil, citrus soy, pepper, herbs &     21.5
INSALATA CAPRESE-tablelan buffalo mozzarella, tomato, basil, extra virgin olive oil                  19
INSALATA DI GAMBERI, AVOCADO & PAPAYA ROSSO-local prawns with avocado, red papaya mint, touch of chilli with a lime vinaigrette                                                                                          22
COZZE PICCANTE- mussels cooked with white wine herbs & chilli, grille garlic ciabatta            20.5
PESCE 24 Sassi fish and chips with house made tartare sauce, salad & fries                                          24
LA TAGLIATA DI MANZO-a cut of our Black Angus Rib-Eye, chargrilled, served with chargrilled artichoke, rocket & lemon                                                                                                                                      28
PASTA DEL CATTIVO TEMPO-Orrechiette with broccoli, anchovies, fennel, olives, chilli and freshly grated parmesan                                                                                                                                         22
LINGUINE AI FRUTTI DI MARE- linguine with an abundance of fresh seafood                      29.5


PATATA FRITTI-fried potatoes, rosemary, garlic                                                                                        8
RADICCHIO E RUCOLA- radicchio & rocket with shaved parmesan                                                  12
VERDURE ALLA GRIGLIA-mixed chargrilled vegetables with olive oil, herbs, seasoning           10
INSALATA VERDE- mixed green leaf salad                          
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